Advanced Behavior & Educational Clinics ​​​​
About Us

 20+ years of Commitment & Service!
Advanced Behavior and Educational Clinics was conceived with one intent; our co-founders made a commitment to make a true difference in improving the lives of individuals who need it the most - despite location or situation.  Through years of education and experience as educational specialists, clinicians and licensed therapists in a multitude of environments (both abroad and nationally), ABE Clinics has combined knowledge and expertise (beginning in 1998) with a quality team by our side.  
We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and licensed professionals to provide a novel approach in serving individuals with unique needs. Research by our developers has led us to seek collaborative methods to strengthen and insure that our clients have the necessary skills, experiences and social functions to use their acquired skill sets effectively. With clinical backgrounds in behavior, psychology, medicine, special education, counseling, occupational and speech therapies, ABE Clinics has developed specific service models paired with providers to serve the needs of individuals with a host of situations and developmental disorders. We also provide research-based behavior interventions such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), while tailoring other research and evidence-based interventions to individuals in need of specific and/or personalized services.

Our Process

ABE Clinics has modeled an Intake System linked to consultation and treatment services.  We offer diagnostic assessments, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) consultation and treatment services, developmental screening, functional behavior assessments, educational assessments/services, parent/family/school training with consultations & more. Under one roof, we uniquely provide related developmental services for clients specifically designed to deliver ease, consistency, and a more effective transition for individual client growth and development.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to facilitate the interactions and learning necessary for all individuals to successfully become contributing members of our society.  We believe in opportunity; An opportunity to face, meet and overcome challenges head on.  We believe in exceeding expectations with talent, strength, support and perseverance regardless of challenge, difficulty or disability...For ABE Clinics, the SKY is the limit!

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