Advanced Behavior & Educational Clinics ​​​​


Autism, Communication Disorders & Learning Disabilities

ABE Clinics​​ offers a unique and exclusive intervention program to students and individuals with Autism, Communication disorders and Learning Disabilities.  Our ACLD© evidence-based program uses theatre arts as a supplemental intervention to traditional ABA behavioral services, but also as an independent intervention in aiding the development of language, communication and social skills.  

This program is offered as both a 1-year and 24-week program.  Classes are taught by credentialed drama and special education instructors with extensive experience in assessing individuals previously diagnosed or exhibiting ACLD-related behaviors and characteristics. Our team includes licensed behaviorists who also facilitate the specific direction of individualized interventions, plans and therapies within the program.

ABE Clinics' ACLD© program is always conducted in a positive and safe environment conducive to learning and managing social, communication and language skills.  In addition, we focus on societal 'appropriate' norms and behaviors within various settings to encourage the desired primary and functional life skill sets essential to generalizing preferred behaviors across environments.  We specifically target socially challenging or problematic areas for each individual client. 

Theatre arts can help individuals feel more comfortable around their peers, within school settings, when out in their communities and in a range of different environments.  "Students gain a better understanding of themselves and others when they participate in arts education...When the arts are present, all children have a greater possibility of finding personal success, which leads to self-fulfillment" (McCoy, 2007).