Advanced Behavior & Educational Clinics ​​​​


Advanced Behavior and Educational Clinics (ABE Clinics) proudly delivers pediatric and young adult services for a wide range of individuals.  We employ Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in conjunction with various personalized empirical interventions, treatments, supports and curriculum for individuals facing a multitude of mental health and behavioral challenges.  

ABE Clinics also works closely with individuals with developmental disabilities (such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disabilities (ID), cognitive deficits/delays, speech delays and more) towards living more healthy, socially-integrated and functional lives.  Our Los Angeles-based Agency (also operating in London, UK) has assembled an "internationally-mobile" team and network of certificated and licensed professionals from various disciplines that cooperate to truly make a difference. 

ABE Clinics caters to parents, students, families, professionals, and everyone affected by the  complexities and joys of supporting loved ones that demand additional daily support.  We provide consultations, trainings, and support for professionals, school district personnel, families, individuals and even other agencies.  Together, we develop data-driven models and platforms through individualized interventions, programs and tailored trainings to provide an appropriate and ethical array of specialized  services .
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