Advanced Behavior & Educational Clinics ​​​​

First Steps

  1. 1. Doctor Referral
    Information can often be found in your local doctor's office, urgent care, hospital or community resource center. Speak with your pediatrician, physician, primary care provider or regional center about looking to ABE Clinics for an assessment by our team of highly qualified licensed professionals. Explore a comprehensive medical evaluation if you have the sense or feeling that your child or loved one is showing signs of having difficulties coping socially, emotionally, and/or behaviorally. We have a Behavioral Pediatrician and other highly qualified licensed professionals available for consultation to help with answers and guide you down the best path.
  2. 2. District / Regional Center Referral​
    Are your school district or Regional Center already familiar with ABEClinics? Most individuals are referred to us for services by school districts and regional centers. Children diagnosed with developmental disabilities (including autism and various other developmental disorders) are eligible to receive services from school districts and regional centers, according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If considering options and services, please call us at 661-373-4149 or Contact Us with any related questions concerning your child, loved one, current school district or regional center.
  3. 3. In-Home Care
    If you are seeking in-home services, please call us directly at 661-373-4149 or Contact Us for more information regarding an assessment. Assessments can be done in your home or in our office Pre-assessments involve a meeting between our Clinical Director(s) and primary caregiver(s) while individual to be assessed is present and informally observed.  This pre-meeting allows for more familiarity for both the individual/primary caregiver and clinician before initial assessments take place.
  4. 4. Private Intake
    If you are seeking private services, please call us directly at 661-373-4149 or Contact Us to schedule an initial consultation